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ANUPAM is the leading brand for the manufacturing of "Hospitality & Catering Products" in Stainless Steel & with fusion is "CELEBRATING" the 25th year & objective of bringing about excellent designs & forms in Stainless Steel "Hospitality products" & we are the introducer producer of Gastronomic Pans first time in India: Now we are producer of distinguished models of Chafing Dishes, Buffet Counters, Chinese Food Huts, Pasta Station, Chaat Counter, Buffet setups, Bar & Mock-tail Stations, Pastry/Pudding Stations, Ice Cream Counters, Pots & Pans with other allied products under the Brand of "ANUPAM" meaning the art of stainless steel, is an amalgamation of design with functionality modelled to enhance your lifestyle, it lends dignity and sophistication unprecedented & we took up the challenge to spread out the arena of stainless steel to your entire Life Style, started the brand in 1990 an now in fusion too. We can offer our customers a high quality product that meets the latest market trends against highly competitive prices. Putting the customers at the core of our business enables us to understand their needs. By using our experience and know-how we can always provide a solution that meets your requirements of "Hospitality Service Solutions".

Recently we have entered the exclusive stainless steel with fusion modular Buffet Set-ups for food services space providing exquisitely and ergonomically designed Food Service Concepts for Banqueting & Catering service providers created for the select few with the launch of "FOOD CONVEYOR SERVICE" Guest need not to be around to fetch the Food of Choice, it's in front of you. In an industry where steel is considered durable & not designer, "ANUPAM" was set up with the objective of creating exclusive and designer stainless steel lifestyle Food Service Hospitality products; these are synonymous with quality and functionality.

The product range redefines the dimensions of traditional steel in India, which have been creatively designed in combination with Solid Surface, wood, acrylic, Glass and various other materials illuminations etc., to not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but make it functionally effective as well. The in-house design studio bridges the gap between the real and surreal in the world of steel & its fusion. It has a team of professionally qualified designers who are dedicated to explore the challenging frontiers of design and are committed to deliver aesthetic delight in functional forms to Hospitality Industry for Food Service solutions. In today's lifestyle arena, especially austenitic steel & fusion segment, it is for the first time that synergies between steel and various materials has been explored to create an edge over traditional available designs in quality, which are functional, & affordable.

Our management are really thankful to our clients to those we are mentoring for the Growth of Hospitality Industry Service Product range with the complete Solutions of today's scenario.