Model No. H - 118

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  • Made  up  of  complete  Stainless-Steel  for  Smooth finish & lifelong durability
  • Spray Gun attached with variable pressure adjusting and long nose gun with 3 spray points for high raise area.
  • Structure is made up on wheels for free Movement so that big areas can be covered easily
  • Provided   with   24 feet   long   pipe so to   maximize the reach of sanitization
  • Used  for  Commercial  Spaces  like-        Hospitals, Schools, Banquets, Commercial Offices, Apartments etc.




  • Dimensions: (l x w x h) –(22 x 28 x 40) inches
  • Weight: 39 kg approx.
  • Suggested      to use   sodium hypochlorite of 1 Litre in 25 Litre of    plain      water to sanitize
  • Tank Capacity for water –120 Litre
  • One full capacity tank can cover 20000 sq. feet area.
  • High quality pressure pump of 12 volt is used      to spray chemical
  • Battery Backup Options Of 15-20 Minutes is there
  • Six-month Service warranty


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